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Do you want to rent a car or other means to move in serenity and joy during your holidays by visiting the most beautiful places in Sardinia?

In the renowned Gallura, a land rich in historical and natural beauties located in the north-eastern part of the island, today there is the EasyRental group, specialized in car rental with EasyRentalCar; motorcycles and scooters with EasyRentalMotorbike; boats and rafts with EasyRentalBoat. EasyRental is located in Porto San Paolo (Olbia-Tempio), a few minutes from Olbia airport, a point in favor of the latter for those who want to quickly reach Sardinia without facing long trips by car or motorbike.

EasyRental, with a qualified and diversified offer, is able to satisfy every need for locomotion for families and couples, whether you are alone or in company, to allow you to easily reach any place among the countless excursion opportunities in Sardinia or more simply a means of getting around the city, towards the beach and by sea inside the enchanting Marine Park of Tavolara – Punta Cavallo. The EasyRental tariffs, extremely advantageous and flexible, present a wide range of solutions within which you can find the ideal one that suits you.

The car, motorbike, scooter, boat and dinghy rental service starts from the beginning of May and lasts until the end of October inclusive. Once you have chosen the means of locomotion you prefer, within the proposals that you find on the site, contact us to agree on the date and place of delivery.

You can also collect cars, motorbikes and scooters at the RESIDENCE ATARAS, which is easily accessible being located in the center of PORTO SAN PAOLO (OT) in Via San Paolo al 10.

Furthermore, for those wishing to stay in the apartments of the RESIDENCE ATARAS, both in Porto San Paolo and in Porto Coda Cavallo, we would like to point out that further discounts are available on the rental rates offered by EasyRental.

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