Rental Terms and Conditions

    1. Prices
      All prices seen on site do not include VAT.


    1. Booking
      You can book the desired item directly online through the website or by telephone +39 338 6002244. At the end of the reservation period, whether carried out on-line or by telephone, the customer will receive via e-mail with confirmation of the application which will display the details of your reservation.


    1. Type of articles
      EasyRentalCar is a brand belonging to company Blu Dream Services srl. Blu Dream Services srl guarantees the article category (group A, B, C, D, engine power etc.) but not a specific car model (Fiat Punto, etc.) or model of scooter / quad. The products listed on the voucher are for illustration only and may be replaced by other models in the same category or higher categories based on availability of the Agency at the time of the withdrawal. Categories are designated directly by the hirer;Blu Dream Services srl. does not assume any responsibility for the type of article provided.


    1. Rental duration
      A rental day means 24 hours per car, scooter or quad. Items are hired for one or more days and must be returned at the same time kept in the field of delivery; otherwise the contract will be automatically extended by one day.
      WARNING: in case of exceeding the rental period, the additional time will be billed based on the schedule provided for rentals without reservation and not according to the discounted rates displayed on No reimbursement is provided to the customer that returned the rental vehicle before the expiring date.


    1. Contract
      The rental contract is signed during the withdrawal of the vehicle directly with the charterer. We advise you to be very careful in reading to accept only what you need. Please note that the confirmation via email is not a rental agreement.


    1. Customer Requirements
      It is the customer’s duty to verify that your email is active and able to receive e-mail.Blu Dream Services  srl is not responsible for any failure receptions communications due to technical reasons not attributable to the same Blu Dream Services srl.


    1. Cancellation of the customer or not collecting the vehicle
      In case of non-withdrawal or cancellation of the booking, the customer loses the right to reimbursement of sums paid as a deposit.
      Refunds due to changes of existing reservations will be evaluated case by case.
      WARNING: the availability of Article booked is guaranteed for one hour next tablet at the output expected in the rental; in case of default, the rental center reserves the right to rent the vehicle to any other customer who request it.


    1. Termination of the charterer
      In the event that the rental center is forced to cancel a reservation previously confirmed to accident, theft, embezzlement or other event that prevents the delivery of service, the customer will be informed at the earliest opportunity by the staff of withdrawal rental center. The customer is entitled to a refund of the full amount eventually already paid will be refunded by crediting the credit card or bank transfer.


  1. Vehicle breakdown
    In the event that the car were to fail during the rental, the rental center is required to provide other vehicle of the same or higher class, at no additional cost to the customer. In the event that the rental center is not equipped with cars, because all rented, it is required to repay the sums for the days of inactivity. No other damage may be required to the charterer.